frame-flipping questions to improve execution

November 9, 2011

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molly fletcher can tell a story.

en route to the masters tournament to support a new client, she felt a new mother’s pressing duty: the need to pump. undeterred by high-driving speeds, intrigued truckers, and incoming calls, she drove with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the breast pump before arriving at the masters, tossing the milk in an ice chest, and sauntering on to the range. she pumped. she navigated. she executed.

excellent execution was her focus and that of the other speakers at people report’s 2011 best practices conference (PRBPC), an annual conference that brings together senior leaders in the restaurant industry. execution that benefited the employee, the employer, the customer, the industry, and yes, the world. (i was there with bruce rush, director, total rewards at taco bell corporation, to talk about the excellent execution of workplace wellness efforts.)

with a tag line of “people, planet, profits,” the conference’s emphasis of doing well by doing good shouldn’t have surprised me. frankly, it did. this cynical girl—like the other, more famous one—has heard far too many BS-laden speeches to unquestioningly accept. but with shrinking markets and shriveling margins, the organizers, speakers and attendees at PRBPC recognize that good business means good ethics and meaningful brands.

which brings us back to molly fletcher, who ended her speech with three flip-the-frame questions every human resources department should ask:

  • how do we find out what employees want?
  • how do we have employees’ backs?
  • how do we make employees heroes?

yes. how do we?


upcoming: how do we use these questions to flip the frame on our approach to wellness?

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