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December 7, 2011

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Not ready for retirement
there’s no need for me to introduce this month’s cohealth chat topic with a slew of statistics. i’m going to let mercer’s infographic do the heavy lifting here. i’ll simply sum things up by stating the obvious: a vast number of employees are financially struggling to make end meets today. tomorrow? they can’t even think about college tuition and retirement. this financial wear and tear is showing up in skipped doctor’s appointments, stress-induced health problems and an unpreparedness for the golden years.

tweet chat agenda

join us wednesday, december 14, at noon ET as we talk about financial well-being and the employer’s role. here’s our starter set of questions:

Q1. let’s start with a classic: what keeps you up at night about your employees’ financial well-being?

Q2. what impact is your employees’ financial insecurity having on your business? consider: absences, lower productivity, health expenses.

Q3. what are your employees’ financial needs and concerns? how do you learn about these?

Q4. there are two horizons for financial well-being, today’s and tomorrow’s. what guidance and advice do you offer employees to help them manage today’s financial needs?

Q5. what about tomorrow’s: retirement readiness?

Q6. what steps have you taken to nudge employees? for example, 401(k) auto enrollment, automatic contribution escalation or company-paid basic life insurance.

Q7. do you differentiate your support or your materials by demographic group or level?

use the hashtag #co_health to join the conversation. as always, sidebar discussions are both welcomed and encouraged.

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cohealth tweet chats are held the third wednesday of every month from noon to 1 pm ET. (we moved this chat to avoid holiday conflicts.) you can follow us on twitter and join our linkedin group, where we regularly share information and discuss ideas, approaches and outcomes.

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