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December 9, 2011

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a lot of exciting projects have kept me from finishing my superbetter set-up. but i’m back. where were we? oh, yeah.

superbetter me!

my first post about the superbetter social health game covered the first half of my setup experience. i completed three missions before i pooped out. today i finished the setup, which involved completing four more missions.

mission #4: power ups

power ups are sources of inspiration when things are looking dreary. these were fairly easy to come up with. i picked dancing to one of my favorite amy winehouse tunes, taking a walk and emailing my sister, my go-to gal for prompting foot-stomping-tears-rolling-down-my-face laughter.

upon completing this mission, i was immediately prompted to complete a power up. on went the stereo, up i went, and three-plus minutes later, i felt great.

mission #5: quests

on to mission #5, which is where i break my epic win (attend an exercise class once per week) into smaller, bite-size tasks. i can add quests and superbetter will suggest some for me, so for now i went with the obvious: purchase a book of classes. here i can also choose who can see this quest: hero and allies. since i hadn’t named either yet, this step felt a little misplaced.

mission #6: allies

the next mission is when i recruited allies, those people who’ll be there for me when i feel low or, more expected, too lazy to go to class. i considered my options and went with my husband rob. i’m a little nervous about picking rob. he finds a lot of these games absurd or under-developed, but he hears all of my baggage anyway, so why not? superbetter asked me to give him a superhero name. knowing he’d see it, i kept it sweet: supercomfort. i needed him to stay my ally, remember. (update: rob accepted the invite to be my ally, but not my ridiculous name. he renamed himself steed. why didn’t i think of that?)

mission #7: super boosts

super boosts are things i’m looking forward to. superbetter recommends selecting events that will take place within one month. i used our holiday get-away and a cabaret we’re hosting as a dual fundraiser and birthday party as my two boosts.

done! i completed my setup. now what? superbetter was prepared for that question and prompted me to complete one of my quests or one they recommended. i bought three lithe method classes and booked the first. i’m one step closer to my epic win.


these last four missions were far more straightforward than the first three. i admit to still feeling a little confused by the lingo and the nonlinear nature of the game. i’m not sure how my super boosts will come into play. i also wonder how frequently i’ll use my power boosts or check in with my ally rob. i could use a little prompting, to be honest, and that doesn’t seem to be part of the game. since i first logged on and started my missions on november 23rd, i’ve received no “we miss you, come back” emails or nudges. those would help me come back to the game more frequently.

i can see that superbetter offers a well-being inventory and other tools to help me reach my epic win and improve my overall health. i’ll write more about these in my next entry. until then, leave any questions or comments below. and if you’re on superbetter, make me an ally. i’m emma peel.


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Nicholas Tolson December 9, 2011 at 12:16 pm

I still don’t get it. Seems more like data entry and less like a game.


fran December 9, 2011 at 3:06 pm

nicholas, now that i’m past the setup, it’s feeling more like a game. my ally rob, now known as mr. steed, is sending me quests (additional challenges) and encouragement. i’ll share how this works and what i’m learning in my next post.



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