wellness digest—week of december 5

December 12, 2011

in wellness digest

a roundup of last week’s news that caught my interest.

1. could new regs, salary connection put health premiums into talent play?

there were many stories about companies tying health care costs to salary levels this past week. ann bares discussed them on her blog compensation force, asking whether we’d soon be moving to a more strategic and linked approach to pay, performance and health care coverage.

“Once we take the step into selectively varying coverage costs for different employee groups, might we also be compelled to start thinking about doing that strategically—in a way that offers competitive advantage in attracting and retaining critical talent? Should reward philosophies, going forward, consider how we allocate health care spending not only relative to affordability but also current and future talent needs?”

2. UPS delivering gifts via bicycles this holiday season

now this is alignment.

“The package delivery company known for its brown trucks and uniforms recently added bicycles to its fleet in an effort to save on fuel, promote employee wellness and provide more efficiency during the peak season.”

3. how a simple “nudge” could increase employee wellness engagement and reduce wellness program costs

this article provides four techniques for nudging employees with personalized, directed messages. even companies whose budget can’t accommodate the solutions can learned from the suggestions.

“New, behavioral science-based engagement solutions work by gathering and merging an individual’s historical and real-time health analytics with their socio-economic characteristics to develop a multi-dimensional profile. Such ‘data profiles’ can not only help to reveal current and potential health risks, but can help to predict future health behaviors and barriers to health engagement. Using clues from such profiles, plan sponsors can create the kind of targeted, ‘intelligent messaging’ that can educate, motivate and assist individuals in taking positive health actions and making positive health choices.”

4. shapeup releases results from first annual large employer wellness survey

shapeup discovered that 50% of respondents feel a health risk assessment’s a waste of time, employers spend—on average—$375 per employee on incentives, and other insights in their first annual wellness survey. download the survey report for free.

“ShapeUp’s survey report illuminates how these large corporations are approaching and deploying wellness programs to meet their corporate objectives and explores how these corporations can do better.”

5. what employees want in a health plan

findings from a survey by aon hewitt, the national business group on health and the futures company point out what employees and their family members want from their health plans (AKA their employers).

“The survey reveals that workers desire four things—programs and communication that are easy to use, motivating and meaningful to them, but that also provide personalized information and ideas.”


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