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January 10, 2012

in context communication

last year i got my new year’s cards out in february, so i figure i’m doing pretty good by getting this summary out in mid-january.

the inspiration for this post was HR bartender’s the best of HRB—2011 edition and my need to consider the focus of this blog in 2012. when i reviewed the top posts for the year, i saw that they could be clumped into three broad categories: interviews with those who are doing the work (the free-ranging conversations series), commentaries on research and reports, and insights on current trends and effective communication practices. knowing that, i plan to focus on these categories in 2012 and dispense with less popular pieces, such as the wellness digest. i’ll continue highlighting my favorite reads in context’s monthly e-newsletter, so subscribe if you liked the digest.

if i’m reading the tea leaves wrong and there are areas you’d like me to focus on or continue with, let me know in the comments.

happy new year!

first quarter

how does zappos approach employee wellness?*
detecting health communication trends from pew’s generations study
how do you feel about a junk-food free workplace?

second quarter

free-ranging conversation with janet mcnichol
it’s “game on” in the world of workplace wellness

third quarter

do wellness efforts aid retention
toilet talk
educate employees about high-deductible health plans through a choose-your-own-adventure game

fourth quarter

free writing advice
can george clooney sweeten a layoff**
limeade adds a little zing to wellness


*i didn’t repeat zappos in other quarters, though it always showed up. it’s the most popular post on the site. always.
**this post surged in popularity along with the release of the descendants.


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