#co_health tweet chat: using technology to create healthy habits (march 21 at noon ET)

March 9, 2012

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self-service and system-provided health care have gotten a real leg up, thanks to advances in technology. dailyfeats is one example. through the website, the dailyfeats app, the jawbone UP™ wristband, and even foursquare, dailyfeats has figured out how to use technology to help people make small, daily changes that add up to something big.

join us for our next #co_health tweet chat when veer gidwaney, the CEO and co-founder of dailyfeats, joins us to talk about how we can use technology to create healthy habits.

tweet chat agenda

here’s our “starter” set of questions. you can add a question by leaving it in the comments.

Q1. dailyfeats’ mission is to help people live better. what exactly does that mean?

Q2. you focus on “touching the masses” and helping them make small, daily changes. how’s technology an enabler with both?

Q3. dailyfeats functions across every platform: web, email, mobile, foursquare, etc. what was your strategy in considering which platform to prioritize? how would you advise employers to set their own strategy?

Q4. many employers worry about their non-computer savvy and non-english language speakers. working in the consumer space, what have you learned about how to reach and support these groups?

Q5. data and feedback loops are considered a powerful tool for supporting and motivating behavior change. how do these play into the success of dailyfeats?

about cohealth

cohealth tweet chats are held the third wednesday of every month from noon to 1 pm ET. you can follow us on twitter and join our linkedin group, where we regularly share information and discuss ideas, approaches and outcomes.

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