what words are you overusing in your communications?

April 23, 2012

in communication

a reader wrote to the economist:

“Sir, I have noticed a tendency in your pages to overuse the word ‘sexy’ to describe things of interest, such as in a book review about an author who is ‘making physics sexy again.’ Might I suggest alluring, fascinating, interesting, fetching, sleek, seductive, provocative, sensual, racy, slinky, to name just a few alternatives.

“I have seen the strangest things described as sexy and I confess to being less than turned on.”

alignment was the most overused word in business communication. then authentic. engagement holds on through it all, morphing from meaning attributes and actions that go beyond satisfaction to full-bore involvement in one’s health. like this reader offers the economist, perhaps we should offer stuck-in-the-groove writers a laundry list of readily available replacements for the word engagement.


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