cohealth checkup debuts with show on high-deductible health plans (recording)

June 6, 2012

in cohealth

cohealth checkup debuted today, with the first of six pilot podcasts. (read more about the pilot.)

michelle james, intel’s health communication manager, was our inaugural guest. she joined us to talk about intel’s introduction of high-deductible health plans. over the course of our 20-minute conversation, michelle shared with us who’s using the plan, what data they’re tracking, and how they’ve increased employee confidence and capability. she also shared how employees are helping one another better understand these plans and make more informed health care decisions. as you’d expect with intel, it involves spreadsheets.

don’t miss our next cohealth checkup with jane sarasohn-kahn on health and well-being trends. this show will be prerecorded but will air on july 4 at noon EDT. you can listen anytime by subscribing to our show.

we look forward to your feedback over these six months.

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Elyse October 21, 2015 at 6:48 pm

I know we all worry about our kids, but remember at 3 he is still gwriong. If you feed your child well and he gets out to play you are doing well. My daughter (3) is starting to shoot up and thin out quite a bit.My cousin was always built , as you called it. He was active and had a big appetite. His brothers were tall and thinner so it was surprising. (He got teased a lot) Around 15 he shocked us all by shooting up and now (at 34) he is taller and broader than both his older brothers. He is very fit and athletic. -So, you just never know!Hope you have a good week and life slows down enough for you that you can enjoy it.


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