what do more than 350 employers know about strengthening employee wellness programs? find out.

June 17, 2012

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it’s double-wham wednesday this week, with two opportunities to learn from innovative companies. at noon EDT, you can learn from nate randall at tesla motors. and at 2 pm EDT, you can discover what more than 350 employers had to say about using technology to strengthen their employee wellness programs.

#co_health tweet chat—noon EDT

cohealth hosts nate randall from tesla motors for july’s #co_health tweet chat. tesla motors has been carving its own path to keeping benefits affordable for the company and employees. it offers all employees free high-deductible plans through its “tesla lifestyle” program, as well as free preventive care, free preventive prescriptions and free birth control. tesla’s program design organically and systemically evolves, responding and building on employees’ healthy patterns and digging into data to fact-check the results. follow the hashtag #co_health from noon to 1 pm to learn more from nate.

2012 technology + employee wellness survey—2 pm EDT

if you’re trying to figure out how to incorporate social networks, forums, trackers, sensors, mobile tools and health games into your wellness strategy, don’t miss this one-hour webinar. shapeup and my firm, context, collaborated on the first annual employer health technology survey. more than 350 US employers told us how they’re using or plan to use these health technologies, how they’re already benefiting from them and where things fall apart. register for the webinar to participate and to gain access to the full report.


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