hit refresh on your 2013 annual enrollment communications

July 27, 2012

in annual enrollment

annual enrollment is hurtling toward you and next your employees. how are you planning on getting employees’ attention and helping them make decisions?

you could whip up a satirical video that pokes fun at benefits-speak and the drudgery of enrollment.

you could create e-cards on not-to-be-missed benefits enhancements for employees to dispatch.

you could co-opt trending memes and repurpose them with benefits messaging.

you could create a game where you gain life points for making good elections and health care choices throughout the year.

you could create any of a number of communications that are certain to surprise, create goodwill, motivate consideration. or you can roll out another employee presentation powerpoint that’s filled to the gills with weighty tables and text so dense it makes a forest seem sparse.

you want employees to pay attention to annual enrollment? then hit refresh on what you’re doing. because they’re tired of the same ol’ same ol’. and if you’re being honest with yourself, you are too.


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