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July 11, 2012

in cohealth

we’ve barely launched a radio program, so it seems like the perfect time to introduce a book club.

actually, what allows us to be this ambitious is the terrific opportunity presented to us by longtime cohealth member and human resources manager janet mcnichol. janet approached carol and me about starting a virtual book club under the cohealth brand. we love to read. we love to chat. and we know our community does too. it was a no-brainer.

voilà! the cohealth book club

allow me to  introduce the cohealth book club. here’s how we’re setting things up:

  • every quarter, we’ll run a poll on our linkedin group and invite you to vote on what book we’ll read. if you’re not a member of our linkedin group, become one now. it’s painless.
  • we’ll discuss the book during a cohealth tweet chat in the following quarter, providing no opportunity for time-burdened excuses! so as not to exclude any interested non-twitter-using people, we’ll simultaneously launch a discussion on our linkedin group.
  • when possible, we’ll also host the author on a cohealth checkup radio show to allow us to hear more on the topic at hand and ask the author questions.

what you need to do. now.

our first book club virtual meeting is slated for our september 19 noon tweet chat. the poll is open and includes four great books. BJ Fogg—author of persuasive technology: using computers to change what we think and do—offered to be a guest on cohealth checkup if we select his book. i voted for his book before i knew this, but that would’ve been a convincing argument otherwise. if you don’t know of fogg’s work, he directs research and design at stanford’s persuasive technology lab, is behind the “3 tiny habits” model, among others, and is recognized as a key influence behind many popular apps.
go vote. we’ll announce the selected book on july 20.


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