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August 1, 2012

in communications your employees crave

what it is: part online shopping, part marketing site

why it works: this site works on many levels. it delivers surprise followed by delight and amusement. it provides useful products, smartly packaged and branded. it conveys the company’s values and business practices without being cloying or preachy. it makes every single element easily shareable (something i’ve already taken advantage of several times). and, most important, it offers direct but alternative paths to purchase—this site’s “call to action.” visitors with little time to waste and no fondness for whimsy can find products through the customary top navigation. visitors who are compelled to see what’s behind door #1 and door #2 can find their way to help remedies’ products when they run out of doors, or when their curiosity finally gets the better of them and they want to know what this site’s selling.

it’s not a huge leap to consider how companies could repurpose this fresh idea to attract and guide employees to what they’re selling.

why it doesn’t: you tell me. 


this post is part of a series on health communications that stand out. if you have a worthy ad to feature in the series, email me.


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