don’t let design confuse your message

October 17, 2012

in communication design


the image you’re looking at it is the cover art for an invitation to the free library of philadelphia’s borrowers’ ball. it sounds like a lovely event. i like great food and travel. and i consider myself the “smashingest” too. naturally, i looked at the ticket prices before committing. turns out they’re tied to the colored circles you see here: chartreuse, fuschia and azure. (their identification. i would’ve gone with lime green, pink and blue. perhaps i’m not sophisticated enough for the borrowers’ ball.)

look at the image. which color do you think links to the highest ticket price? and which to the lowest? think quietly to yourself, and then move on.

the highest ticket price is chartreuse, the lowest azure. is that what you thought? it’s not what i thought. i look at these circles and tie their size to the number of people attending and not the ticket price. perhaps it’s a 99% mindset. now that i know the chartreuse circle is for the bigwigs, i feel small if i go as azure. look at how little space i take up. i’m a speck on the larger, more prominent, more important chartreuse.

perhaps this is my singular issue, but perhaps not. design is at the service of your message. make sure it stays that way and doesn’t become your message.


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