cohealth checkup: harvard’s ron kessler on finding the ROI

November 4, 2012

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on november 7 at noon, cohealth checkup hosts ron kessler, the mcneil family professor of health care policy at harvard medical school.

ron’s recent research looks into how employers can find immediate return on investment by focusing on targeted acute prevention programs. that’ll be the main topic of our live conversation, but we’ll surely delve into other areas, such as how employers can customize interventions for different populations, and the key areas to target no matter your industry or employee demographics.

to listen to this show live or ask ron a question, call 1-818-572-4923 at noon EST. you can also listen to the show here.

about cohealth checkup

cohealth checkup is a 30-minute radio program exploring the trends and tactics improving workplace wellness. our show airs live the first wednesday of every month at noon eastern. we’ve piloted the program for the last six months, with shows on 2013 health care trends, high-deductible health plans, health games, outcomes-based wellness, persuasive technology, and now, return on investment. with more than 12,000 listens during the pilot, we feel confident we’re offering a fresh perspective and valuable information. look to see one more show on december 5, 2012 and a full slate for 2013. to make following the show painless, subscribe to our show.

cohealth also hosts a monthly tweet chat on the third wednesday of the month—also at noon EST. our next chat is on december 19th and is devoted to our pilot book club. during this chat we’ll discuss the book the community voted on and selected: it starts with food. please join us for the discussion. you can find our full 2012 calendar, including recaps, here.


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