should companies invest in employee wellness? maybe not, says harvard medical school’s ron kessler

November 8, 2012

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yesterday we recorded the final show in our six-month cohealth checkup pilot. first, let me tell you about yesterday’s show. then i’ll tell you our plans for the future.

safety or wellness: which delivers the goods?

i couldn’t participate yesterday because of travel, which was really too bad as i knew our guest, ron kessler, would lead us in a provocative conversation about ROI and employee wellness programs in general. he did not disappoint. my cohealth co-founder and good friend greg matthews stood in for me. you can read what he had to say about the show here. but make time to listen to the show itself (embedded below). it’ll give you food for thought. kessler talks about companies getting more ROI by addressing safety issues than they may ever get from their investment in employee wellness. he then goes on to question whether companies should invest in employee wellness at all.

the future of cohealth checkup

we wanted to test the waters with the six shows in our pilot. with 13,495 listens so far, we’re thinking the water is fine. so, cohealth checkup lives on! we’ll continue recording the show through 2012 and right on into 2013.

our next show features susannah fox (@susannahfox), associate director of digital strategy at pew internet. i’ve interviewed susannah before as part of my free-ranging conversation series. you’re in for a treat. tune into this show on wednesday, december 5, 2012, noon eastern. we make every effort to record live so you can call in with questions, but when schedules conflict or duty calls, we prerecord the show and air it as scheduled.

cohealth checkup always airs on the first wednesday of the month at noon eastern. subscribe to make sure you never miss it. check our 2012 calendar to know what else is happening. and follow cohealth on twitter to stay in touch with others who share your interest and passion.

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