10 experts: help employees keep their 2013 health resolutions

January 21, 2013

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you can make this the year more employees maintain, if not achieve, their resolutions. for my january newsletter, i reached out to 10 health and wellness experts for their thoughts on how employers can help. i asked for one small change. i wanted the small, doable step, just as we’d advise our employees.

i received advice from an economist, a work-life fit expert, the CEOs and founders of social wellness platforms, an innovator and scientist, a director of policy research, an editor-in-chief of employee benefits news, and others. their ideas vary, from at-work to at-home, physical to spiritual, but i found connecting themes:

  • support health beyond the office door
  • create opportunities to move
  • show appreciation for employees and our world
  • use program design to underpin everything

their ideas complement my own, and should provide any employer with input for meaningful dialog and meaningful change.

read 10 experts’ small employee wellness changes.



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