approaching change with appreciation and grace, not dread or disgust

January 2, 2013

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on christmas eve frank bruni published an article called these wretched vessels. his timing was flawless. for it’s about then that people get serious about their resolutions, and many resolutions involve how we’ll fix our bodily imperfections.

as he shares:

“from the time we become fully aware of our bodies, so many of us are at ceaseless war with them. we obsess over their imperfections. we will them into different contours and hues.

“we’re so much more than these wretched vessels that we sprint or swagger or lurch or limp around in, some of them sturdy, some of them not, some of them objects of ardor, some of them magnets for pity. we should make peace with them and remain conscious of that, especially at this particular hinge of the calendar, when we compose a litany of promises about the better selves ahead, foolishly defining those selves in terms of what’s measurable from the outside, instead of what glimmers within.”

guilty as charged! that is, until i began to see my physical body as a vessel of energy, mobility, expression. with that shift came many others, in terms of what i fed my vessel. how and how often i moved it. and when i let it sleep.

while we’re helping employees quit tobacco, exercise more, and eat better, let’s also consider how we can support a shift in attitude, so they don’t view their vessels as wretched, but as partners in their long, long journey.


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wellness girl January 2, 2013 at 9:42 am

reasons behind unhealthy habits that lead to overweight and unwellness can be complicated, delicate and sensitive. the body has amazing power to repair itself in many ways. the brain can be reshaped too, giving our eyes the gift of a new lens through which we can view ourselves, our bodies and the world with forgiveness, kindness and appreciation. here’s to healthy transformation in 2013. always love reading your posts, fran!


fran January 2, 2013 at 10:30 am

hi wellness girl.

you’re right, the reasons behind unhealthy habits can be complicated, delicate and sensitive. that fact guides the majority of my thinking/philosophy and is true for me. your comment prompted me to update the post with a hyperlink to a post that shows i have a story, too. if we considered that most people have one and most are hidden, we might be a little more generous in our approach and less harsh in our biases.

here’s to healthy transformation and more exchanges. happy new year!


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