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(life and death planning)

January 15, 2013

in communications your employees crave

Get Your Shit Together

what it is: a financial advice site

why it works: this site was developed and written by someone who knows what it feels like not to have your shit together when all shit breaks loose. chanel reynolds was your average married woman with two young kids on the day her husband rode off on his bike. then he was hit and severely injured. after she made the decision to end his life support, chanel entered the overwhelming, suffocating and suffering world of an untimely widow. it was a world she was little prepared for, in ways both understandable and now, hindsight being what it is, head-shakable.

chanel realized they had no wills, no living wills, too little life insurance, and a host of other gaps in her knowledge and preparation. all of this, all this big, messy, scary life stuff is present in her writing and in her desire to save us from what she experienced. it’s raw, it’s real, it’s courageous. it’s going to reach out and scare the pants off you better than any financial institution’s newsletter with smiling, happy faces. while it scares you, it enables you. reynolds includes some core basics—so should you find yourself, sadly, anywhere near her shoes, you’ll be better prepared.

why it doesn’t: this site was four days old when i first saw it. i’m sure it’ll become more resource-rich over time, but frankly, it’s thin on actual information and supporting resources. since this isn’t a site that most employers will offer their employees, this critique is really beside the point. the point is her language, in its frankness and accessibility, is something every employer should embrace in some way. i don’t expect many, if any, employers to suddenly add curse words to their health website’s URL or to use them in their health communications. (wouldn’t it be kind of refreshing, though?!) what they can do is loosen up a bit and be human.


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