recognizing the under-recognized: the second annual tim sackett day honors paul hebert

January 23, 2013

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a year ago a group of HR bloggers decided to roast and toast a member of the clan: tim sackett. for those who don’t know him, tim’s a career HR guy and a blogger on the multicontributor blog, fistful of talent. the man has a voice that, i can only say, is uniquely his. thing is, tim never made it onto any of the many, many lists that recognize bloggers, recruiters, and the myriad things these lists recognize. so as an inside joke gone external, these bloggers devoted a day to under-recognized talent, and they started with tim.

today is the second annual tim sackett day, and this year’s honoree is paul hebert. paul’s an expert on incentives, compensation and influencing behavior. he’s been quoted in USA today and by the BBC. what’s more, he’s been a guest of cohealth, talking with us about how to design incentives so they increase—not decrease—employee health engagement. he’s frequently written about wellness on his own blog. recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, paul’s writing about wellness has taken on a more personal tone on peestrong, his latest blog.

while i jest about the dubious distinction of being honored on tim sackett day, there’s truly nothing like being honored by your peers. we all know they’re the most difficult to impress.

happy tim sackett day, paul.


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