upcoming cohealth checkup: resolving the work vs life conflict

January 24, 2013

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cali yoston february 6 at noon EST, cohealth checkup hosts cali yost, author, blogger and CEO of work+life fit, inc. work+life fit’s dedicated to creating a flexible work culture that serves both the organization and the individuals within who are scrambling to get everything done.

cali will talk with us about whether:

  • shifts in demographic trends and current events (e.g., hurricane sandy) create a better climate for work-life flexibility conversations
  • employers connect the dots between the health of their workforces and increased work-life flexibility
  • employers need to create a flexible work culture for all
  • employers and employees need to give anything up in exchange for better work-life fit

she’ll also talk about her new book titled “tweak it: make what matters to you happen every day.” cali’s graciously made the introduction and first chapter available to all of us.

join us for this conversation
join us however you like. you can:

1. listen live. we’ll record this show live on wednesday, february 6, from 12-12:30 PM EST. you can listen live on blogtalkradio.

2. download the recorded show from itunes.

3. listen on demand from this blog. i’ll embed each recorded show on our 2013 cohealth calendar.



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