cohealth checkup: resolving the work vs life conflict (available for listening)

February 8, 2013

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i closed philadelphia public schools on the day we recorded our cohealth checkup on the topic of work-life flex, just to punctuate the need for flexibility.

ok, i’m not that mighty. but school was closed and i did feel the pinch, that pinch of wondering how to gracefully manage all of one’s responsibilities while keeping one’s sanity. this pinch is felt by at least one out of five american adults on a daily basis.

the “everyman” need for work-life flexibility is what makes the topic so compelling. and maddening. for as our guest cali yost revealed, work-life flexibility is still considered—within the hallowed walls of corporate america—something for women and mothers. “we see pregnancy,” she explained. “your co-worker is pregnant and then she is gone for a time. we don’t see the person who has an aging relative at home. there is no visual clue for why this has to become an issue.”

fairly soon, most working adults are going to have at least one person to take care of. how we prepare ourselves and how employers empower and enable us is still up for grabs. but with roughly $25.2 billion in lost productivity on the line, it can’t be up for grabs for long.

in this show we discuss the seven modern truths of modern life, how businesses can get to give, and how individuals can make small tweaks to make what matters to them happen every day. this is the focus of cali’s new book. she’s graciously given us the introduction and first chapter to share. if you enjoy this episode of cohealth checkup, take a peek at the book.

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next cohealth checkup: wednesday, march 6, 12pm ET

our next cohealth checkup focuses on what works in workplace wellness. our guest is bob merberg, paychex’s employee wellness manager. bob merberg is a contemplative guy. his approach toward paychex’s health and wellness program combines a balanced review of the current literature, a determination to meet the needs of paychex’s 12,500 employees, and a commitment to satisfy the organization’s goals. bob’s viewpoints diverge from what’s au courant in employee wellness, but that’s due to the data telling him something different from many of the latest program trends. this divergence is part of what makes bob one of the leaders in the field. join us as we explore with bob the challenges of searching for what works in employee wellness.

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