we say/they say: what do employees really want from their employer?

February 1, 2013

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we often think we know what employees want. when i started my career, title and rank were critical. having both was the only way you could get things done and was a singular way to derive meaning.

not so much anymore.

careerbuilder asked nearly 4,000 employees via an online survey conducted by harris interactive: what’s important to you?! how can we keep you?

flexible work delivers benefitstheir answers are telling. what employees want are flexibility and meaning. they need salary and they’ll take perks, but they don’t care about title and only a few perks are deal-breakers (half-fridays being one of them—forty percent of employees want them).

in exchange for a title, employees say:

  • give me a flexible schedule (59%)
  • help me make a difference (48%)
  • offer me challenging work (35%)
  • let me work from home (33%)

employees recognize that flexibility makes work and life knit together as flawlessly as possible. they also recognize that challenge and meaning increase their commitment and engagement. it’s up to employers now to hear what they’re saying, to destroy old tapes about what’s important, and to recognize that supporting flexibility and meaning also supports increased productivity and better health and well-being.


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