it takes a village: the blue zones project

April 2, 2013

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april 5: this cohealth checkup show is now available for listening. 

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i know, “it takes a village” is an overplayed saying. you’ll excuse my falling back on it to market our wednesday cohealth checkup with amy moore from healthways.

in this prerecorded show, carol harnett and i talk with amy, the health and wellness design leader at healthways, about their blue zones project™. this project applies the “village” concept to public health, seeking to alter the environment, policies and networks of involved communities in order to make “communities that are happier and healthier places to live, work and play.”

the blue zones project came out of an earlier blue zones study that discovered certain places had a higher concentration of centenarians than anywhere else. these places—loma linda, ikaria, sardinia, to name a few—were isolated in 2004 by dan buettner, national geographic, and a team of longevity researchers. their findings were published in the blue zones book and are now encapsulated in the blue zones’s 9 healthy lifestyle habits, the power 9®:

1. move naturally: focusing less on gym time and more on natural daily movement

2. know your purpose: determining your passion, values, gifts and talents and building a life around them

3. down shift: developing routines to shed your stress

4. 80% rule: eating to 80% full

5. plant slant: building a daily diet of less meat and loads of beans and plants

6. wine @ 5: happily indulging in a daily glass of wine

7. right tribe: finding the group who practices your desired attributes

8. community: participating in a faith-based community of any type

9. loved ones first: prioritizing and organizing your life around family and relationships

these habits aren’t light-bulbish to anyone who’s paid attention to what gets and keeps us healthy. what’s unique about the blue zones project, and what we delve into on the show, is how this approach goes about making these the simple, easy and obvious choices by changing community policies and norms.

we’ll release this show on wednesday, april 3rd at noon on cohealth’s blogtalkradio page. tune in.



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