last year was an abbreviated year for cohealth checkup, a monthly internet radio show on workplace wellness trends i cohost with carol harnett. still, there was a wealth of content, with our top three shows clocking in 2,000 to 7,000 listens.

3. health at every size: is there room in today’s wellness approach?
our guest was dr. jonathan robinson from michigan state university. dr. robinson joined us to talk about what he calls a “war” on obesity and to explore what limits existing weight-management approaches.


2. mindfulness comes to work: from science to application
on this show we were joined by lynn kirby, a temple university school of medicine researcher on the effects of stress, and cheryl jones, a jon kabat-zinn mindfulness-based stress reduction-trained coach and aetna’s wellness clinical program design lead. with them, we discussed the science and practical application behind mindfulness—in and outside the workplace.


1. RAND’s soeren mattke discusses: “do wellness programs produce a ROI?”
given the debate stirred by the release of RAND’s 2013 report on wellness programs, nobody will be surprised that this conversation with the report’s lead researcher was our number-one rated show. in this show, soeren mattke leads us through what the research revealed and his takeaway from it.


and one to grow on! i have to slip in one of my favorite shows from 2014: mindless eating and food smarts. our guest was brian wansink from cornell’s food and brand lab. brian shared with us his latest research into how minimal design changes at home and at work can improve our health.

find the full 2014 archive on blogtalkradio.


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