2011 cohealth calendar

here’s a listing of our 2011 tweet chats, including recaps. they’re based on the topics our community chose.

i’ll update the calendar as we secure guests and firm up content. if you’re interested in being a guest or proposing a topic, please reach out on twitter (@femelmed) or by email at: info [at] contextcommunication [dot] com.

january 19: cohealth turns one
community-led discussion about 2010 standout chats, favorite resources, best practice companies.
read the recap.

february 16: intel’s health promotion strategy
michelle james, health communication manager
read the recap and some lingering Q&A with michelle.

march 17: the wellness police?
community-led discussion about engagement vs. enforcement.
read the pre-reading and the recap.

april 20: we’ve got your number: mobile health and wellness
guest: andre blackman, director, digital communications/new media, american heart association
full agenda and pre-reading resources here. read the recap and related post.

may 18: incentives and unintended consequences: designing incentives for health and engagement
paul hebert, managing director and lead consultant, I2I
full agenda and pre-reading resources here. read the recap.

june 15: cooking & company: jamie oliver wants a food revolution where you work
IDEO, partner with jamie oliver in the cooking & company venture
read the background information, the chat recap and a Q&A with IDEO’s helena cohen.

july 20: metlife’s 9th annual study of employee benefits trends
guest: dr. ron leopold, vice president, U.S. business, metlife
read the background information and the recap.

august 17: wellness in the news
community-led conversation about hot topics in wellness news.
read the background information.

september 21: games for health and engagement
trapper markelz, head of product, meyou health
read the background information and the recap.

october 19: going social with wellness: tools, tips and techniques
community-led conversation about available social tools and ideas for putting them to use.
read the background information and the recap.

november 16: the employer’s role in providing employee benefits
community-led conversation with carol harnett about whether the employer’s role is to deliver the benefits employees need or the ones they want.
read the background information and the recap.

new date! december 14: money (that’s what i want)
fifty-three percent of employees fear not making ends meet today and 72% fear not having enough for retirement, according to the metlife 9th annual study of employee benefits trends. how can (and should) employers help?
read the background information and the recap.