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here’s a listing of our 2012 cohealth checkup radio shows and tweet chats, including recaps and recordings. cohealth checkup airs live the first wednesday of the month. #cohealth chats take place the third wednesday of the month and can be found and followed using the hashtag #co_health. both kick off at noon EST.

i’ll update the calendar as we secure guests and firm up content. if you’re interested in being a guest or proposing a topic, leave a comment below, reach out on twitter (@femelmed) or send an email: info [at] contextcommunication [dot] com.

january 18: 2012 wellness trends (tweet chat)
jane sarasohn-kahn, health economist and managing consultant
community discussion about this year’s wellness trends and how they’ll affect the work we do.
read the agenda and the recap.

february 15: have your employees say “hello” to hellowallet (tweet chat)
justin thorp, hellowallet, marketing manager
during our december 2011 chat on financial well-being, members asked us to bring on guests to talk about their enterprise solutions. hellowallet is the first company we’ve lined up in response.
read the agenda. no recap for this chat.

march 21: using technology to create healthy habits (tweet chat)
veer gidwaney, dailyfeats CEO and co-founder
dailyfeats wants to use technology to inspire and celebrate small, daily changes. join us as we discuss dailyfeats’ mission and what we can learn from their approach.
read the agenda and recap.

april 18: creating the engaged health consumer (tweet chat)
guest: seth cohen, senior director of sales, castlight health
employers, insurers and the U.S. government need individuals to step up and act as health care consumers. join us as we talk with castlight about the challenge of being a health care consumer, given the lack of price transparency and information on quality.
read the agenda and recap.

may 16: small steps to big changes (tweet chat)
guest: kristi miller durazo, senior strategy advisor, american heart association
join us as we talk about how to redesign spaces, places and processes to encourage people to take small and then bigger and bigger steps to health.
read the agenda and recap.

june 6: intel shows what’s inside high-deductible health plans (cohealth checkup)
guest: michelle james, health communication manager, intel
what’s happening inside intel when it comes to open enrollment and introducing a high-deductible health plan? find out during our cohealth checkup kick-off radio show.
listen to the recording.

june 20: are free employee health benefits still a possibility? (tweet chat)
nate randall, benefits manager, tesla motors
nate is the design mind behind the “tesla lifestyle,” an approach to employee health and well-being that includes free health plans (HDHPs) for all employees and a user-driven approach to wellness. join us to learn more about tesla’s approach, including their approach to data gathering.
read the agenda and recap.

july 4: 2013 health trends (cohealth checkup)
jane sarasohn-kahn, think-health
listen in on cohealth’s second radio show as we talk about the forces shaping everything from benefits design to wellness strategy with this respected health economist and consultant. (this show will be prerecorded because of the holiday.)
listen to the recording.

july 18: how do companies and employees achieve the best human capital value? (tweet chat)
guest: wendy lynch, co-director, center for consumer choice in health care/founder, lynch consulting
let’s take a broad look ROI and consider how using your dedicated budget to achieve organizational and individual health outcomes behooves all.
read the agenda and the recap.

august 1: playing games at work (cohealth checkup)
 adam wootton, director of social media and games, towers watson
games are being warmly embraced by employers for many purposes, including improved health and well-being. join us as we talk with adam wootton about what makes health games so attractive to employers and employees alike. listen to the recording.

august 15: great wellness fails (tweet chat)
if we learn so much from failing, how come nobody’s doing it? in this chat we’ll talk about how to create a culture that’s accepting of failure, how to know the difference between innovating and harmful experimenting, and how to start sharing our own great fails.
read the agenda.

september 5: guidance on outcomes-based wellness (cohealth checkup)
guests: AHA, ACA and HERO
with ppaca’s allowance for larger incentives, the use of outcomes-based incentives is expected to increase, despite our not having a large body of research proving their effectiveness. in response, six health organizations offer their guidance in the july 2012 issue of joem. their joint consensus statement, guidance for a reasonably designed, employer-sponsored wellness program using outcomes-based incentives, forms the basis for our september show. listen to the recording.

september 19: cohealth book club (tweet chat)  
we’re dedicating one tweet chat per quarter to a book discussion, and september’s our first!  book: persuasive technology: using computers to change what we think and do. author: BJ fogg. read the agenda and the transcript.

october 3: persuasive technology (cohealth checkup)
guest: BJ fogg, founder of stanford’s persuasive technology lab, stanford’s annual mobile health conference
BJ joins cohealth checkup to discuss his book (september’s #co_health book club book) and how we can harness technology to help us change our thoughts and behaviors in predictable ways. listen to the recording.

october 17: open agenda (tweet chat)

november 7: ROI through acute prevention programs (cohealth checkup)
guest: ron kessler, mcneil family professor of health care policy, harvard medical school
kessler’s recent research includes how employers can find immediate return-on-investment by focusing on targeted acute prevention programs. we’ll talk about this and related topics during our live conversation. listen to the recording.

november 21: no tweet chat (thanksgiving observance)

december 5: health apps, patient communities and pew (cohealth checkup)
 susannah fox, associate director, digital strategy, pew internet
susannah calls herself an internet geologist. she’s the author of numerous studies on health, including studies on mobile health, adult caregivers and the social life of health information. with so much ground to cover, this will be a rich show indeed. listen to the recording.

december 19: cohealth book club (tweet chat)
we’re dedicating one tweet chat per quarter to a book discussion. this quarter the community picked the book  it starts with food. join us at noon eastern on wednesday, december 19 to discuss this book on food and personal sustainability. if this book’s not your bag, be sure to vote when our next book club voting poll goes live on our linkedin group.





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Would be delighted to present on your program December 6, 2012 at 6:44 pm

Topic I would facilitate: Wellness + Mindfulness in the Work Place: Formula for Employee Success
The assumption that healthy employees are more productive employees is worth examining on a few levels: 1) benefits and savings for companies that incent wellness activities
2) Motivated employees and teams work harder and stay longer 3) a wellness culture boosts the image of the company and attracts the best talent.4) reduce workplace stress and cultivate happier, more satisfied employees who enjoy coming to work!


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