2013 cohealth calendar

cohealth checkup is a monthly internet radio program on workplace wellness trends that i host with carol harnett. shows air the first wednesday of the month and run 30 minutes long (sometimes we go over).

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2013 programming

january: adult caregiving
guest: kevin synpniewski, CEO, agis networks

right now, one in five adult workers is also an adult caregiver. as our population ages, this number will only grow, and so will the need for support. helping employees understand that they are caregivers is the first important step. helping them take care of themselves as they care for others is second. flexibility is also key, as caregivers routinely report needing to come in late, leave early or request some shift in typical work schedules. using the moment to help people sort through their own future long-term care needs is important as well. join us for this show on adult caregiving, including long-term care decisions.

february: resolving the job vs life conflict
 cali yost, consultant, fast company contributor, author

does a day pass when you don’t need to juggle work and life demands? let’s forget balance. balance doesn’t exist. instead, let’s look at how small adjustments can keep everything on track and ourselves sane. join us as we talk with the author of “tweak it: make what matters to you happen every day” about how to create a functional work+life fit, and why and how employers should help.

march: searching for what works in employee wellness
guest: bob merberg, employee wellness manager, paychex

bob merberg is a contemplative guy. his approach toward paychex’s health and wellness program combines a balanced review of the current literature, a determination to meet the needs of paychex’s 12,500 employees, and a commitment to satisfy the organization’s goals. bob’s viewpoints diverge from what’s au courant in employee wellness, but that’s due to the data telling him something different from many of the latest program trends. this divergence is part of what makes bob one of the leaders in the field. join us as we explore with bob the challenges of searching for what works in employee wellness.

april: the blue zones project™ by healthways
guest: amy moore, innovations design leader, healthways

the blue zones project is a well-being initiative that seek to improve where we live, work, play and pray. the project draws upon the findings from the original study of blue zones, areas known as “longevity hotspots,” where the population shares lifestyle characteristics leading to longer, healthier lives. the blue zones project by healthways works with a community’s organizations to improve that community’s social, environmental and political policies supporting better health. join us as we talk with amy about the blue zones project and why employers should care about well-being beyond their office doors.

may: live from human resource executive health & benefits leadership conference

this pre-recorded show taps into what co-hosts carol and fran and five employee benefits leaders picked up while attending and presenting at HRE’s first benefits conference, held in las vegas, NV from april 22-24, 2013. 

june: understanding private health and benefit exchanges
guests: wellpoint and bloom health

as we move forward with the implementation of health care reform, more employers are looking at private health exchanges as a recipe for controlling cost while continuing to deliver a valuable benefit. in this show we discuss what these exchanges offer employer and employees.

july: are wellness programs what they’re cracked up to be?
guests: tom emerick and al lewis 

tom emerick and al lewis are causing quite a stir. the authors of the newly released book “cracking health costs” have harsh words for wellness programs and the consultants who sell them. they’ve kindled a debate across social media outlets and various media sites. join us as we talk with them about their new book and how we can improve health while cutting costs.

august: employee wellness: there’s an app for that
guests: martha wofford, head of carepass platform, aetna and derek newell, CEO of jiff, inc.

carepass is a platform that helps aetna members and nonmembers choose popular mobile health apps and use them to track their health improvement. jiff, inc. is a digital health technology company that recently announced a partnership with towers watson on a consumer-driven platform for employers and health care organizations. in this show we talk about how employers can incorporate the technology we love into workplace wellness programs.

special august show! carrot vs. stick: the penn state controversy
guests: dee edington and penn state professor matthew woessner

join us for a discussion with dee edington and professor matthew woessner on the shift away from incentives and toward penalties to encourage healthy actions. dee edington is the founder and chairman of edington associates, LLC, the founder of and professor at the university of michigan health management research center, and the well-known and well-respected author of books such as zero trends: health as a serious economic strategy. matthew woessner is getting attention for his call to arms against penn state’s new “take care of your health” initiative, an initiative that encourages employees to avoid a $1200 surcharge by completing a health assessment and getting an annual exam and biometric screening.

september: tackling the challenge of stress and depression at work
guests: david whitehouse and david ballard

david whitehouse and david ballard join us to discuss workplace mental health—its costs and its forms of expression. whitehouse is the former CMO with catalyst Rx and optum health. ballard is the assistant executive director for organizational excellence with the american psychological association.

october: communicating health
guest: derek flanzraich, CEO and founder of greatist.com

greatist.com is a media and technology startup on a mission to make better choices easier for everyone. it is the fastest growing health startup and has a thriving social community of “greatists.” join us as we talk with derek flanzraich about what he’s learned about creating inspiring, factual and viral communications.

november: physcians evaluate employees, online, at home and at work
guest: dr. alan roga of stat doctors and dr. natalie hodge of personal medicine plus

a growing number of employers and insurance companies are using different strategies to direct employees to the best care, including concierge medicine and virtual-physician-diagnostic services for minor medical conditions. join us as we talk with dr. alan roga (statdoctors) and dr. natalie hodge (personal medicine plus) about changing how and where physicians meet patients.

december: what’s prevention got to do with employee wellness?
guest: dr. david katz, director, yale university prevention research center

david l. katz, MD, MPH is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight control, and the prevention of chronic disease. he’s an author, advisor, patent holder, researcher, editor-in-chief, medical educator, and much more. dr. katz devotes his considerable knowledge, talents and energy to helping us slash our risk of disease. during this show we explore what companies are currently doing that help and hurt these efforts.